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  • Company Health Roundtable #2: Transitioning Company Health Systems

Company Health Roundtable #2: Transitioning Company Health Systems

Following the success of our first round table, we invite you to join our forthcoming Company Health Roundtable. Our previous session talked of the changing health models, cultural changes and the need to prioritize impact and likelihood of risk. This session looks to address the transition in Companies systems as they seek to respond to the changing environment.

  • People and incentives for better behaviors; digital support, delivering efficient care
  • How does a company support “anywhere” related to health?
  • Personalizing care efficiently
  • Data and information

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Transitioning Company Health Systems

Thursday, 16th December 2021 09.00 - 10.30 AM (Jakarta Time)

Key Roundtable Leaders Include

Jeremy Ting Founder of Naluri - An innovative solution engaging major companies in Malaysia around health and wellness and addressing incentives for improving company care.

Harya Bimo Founder of Klinik Pintar - A research report recently announced them as “Addressing the disconnection problem in Indonesia’s healthtech industry by being the country’s first-ever network of smart clinics”.

R. Robby Partner EY Indonesia - Leads the data and analytics practice, working with EY and other businesses as they address their internal systems in their health response on COVID and the general focus on health and wellbeing.

Host Darryl Hadaway CEO, CallMyDokter

Company Health Roundtable is an exclusive webinar for:

  • CEO
  • Senior Managers
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Operations Directors

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